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We, the aforementioned off road club do not warrant, promise, allude to, accept or take responsibility for anyone thinking that we are of sound mind. We're as nuts as anyone else but we do like to have fun! - C.A.O.S.

BFGoodrich® Tires Announces 2012 Outstanding Trails


MOAB, Utah (April 4, 2012) – BFGoodrich® Tires, in collaboration with Tread Lightly! and United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), today announced the trails selected for its 2012 Outstanding Trails program. Nominated for uniqueness, terrain type and enthusiast following, the trails selected for this year's program are Blanca Peak Trail in Blanca, Colo.; Mirror Lake Trail in Sierra National Forest, Calif.; and Bents and Dents Trail in Mount Olive, Ala.

Launched in 2006, the Outstanding Trails Program is dedicated to the responsible use and preservation of off-road trails while promoting the trails' conservation efforts. To help with costs associated with the trail's conservation efforts, BFGoodrich Tires will also present a grant to the associated off-road clubs at events throughout the year.


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Central Alabama Offroad Society (C.A.O.S.) is a 4x4 club in the Birmingham, Alabama area. C.A.O.S. was established in October 1999 as a non-profit club of 4x4 enthusiasts to bring together and promote the interest of family four-wheeling. We strive to create a good image for four-wheelers and provide a family atmosphere. More

The links to the top will take you to various pages of our website that offer information concerning our club. Topics such as membership, meetings, sponsors, a links page, forums, photo gallery, member's rigs gallery, and contact information are here for your benefit. We are proud of our club and it's history and constantly add photos to the photo gallery that chronicle our never-ending adventures. Not to mention the liberal ragging we offer each other over each others mishaps. Take a look around to learn as much about us as you can. Then come to a ride or meeting to see the reason why we have as much fun as we do.




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